Friday, March 27, 2015

REVIEW : Eden's Curse / Live With The Curse (2015)

After 9 years in the melodic hard 'n' heavy scene with four studio albums on their back, EDEN'S CURSE presents their first live album which is entitled "Live With The Curse". The recording of this live release took place on November 28th 2014 at an EDEN’S CURSE headlining show at The Classic Grand in Glasgow.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

NELSON SOARS WITH PEACE OUT New Studio Album Returns Band to Classic Melodic Rock Format. To Be Released By Frontiers Music Srl in May

In their 25 years as a musical duo, Gunnar & Matthew Nelson, collectively known simply as Nelson, have grown from Pop music idols to seasoned songwriters and performers. Now, as the brothers celebrate a quarter century at the forefront of the international music scene, they return with Peace Out, their most ambitious studio album to date.
                Released in Europe on May 15th and North America on May 19th by Frontiers Music Srl.  Peace Outmarks a return to the well crafted pop songs that put the band at the top of the Billboard charts in the 1990s. From the anthemic “Invincible” to the rollicking soon-to-be pop classic “Back in the Day,” Peace Out isquintessential Nelson from start to finish.
                “We set a pretty high standard with our previous release with Frontiers – Lightning Strikes Twice. That record received by far the most critical acclaim of any Nelson record to date... Peace Out was expected to be even BETTER, The so the goal was to push ourselves to the very limit- past what we believed we could do,” says Gunnar Nelson. “We wanted to write and record the most exciting, authentic, uplifting, and rockin’ Nelson record ever made! The mission: to make a classic.”

DYGITALS Unveil 'Dynamite' Album Cover, Tracklist, Release Dates

French heavy metallers DYGITALS will release their new album, “Dynamite” on May 21 in Europe and May 5 in North America via Mausoleum Records.

The album was produced, engineered and mixed by Didier Chesneau at MII Recording Studio, based in Forainvillier Dreux in France. “Dynamite” marks the return of the band to its glorious form.
Track listing:

01. Dynamite
02. 30 Years Of Rock
03. No Speed Limit
04. Sin City
05. Everybody Knows
06. Will You Help Me
07. No Way Out
08. We Wanna Live Free
09. Don’t Want To Let You Down
10. End Of The Story

MIKE TRAMP returns with a new solo album 'Nomad' this August.

Following his first live appearance in Russia, Mike Tramp have completed his next album in Medley Studio in Copenhagen, Denmark. As on his previous 4 albums, co-producer and engineer, Guitar player Soren Andersen, is once again Tramps partner in crime.
The new album will be a full band album from first song to last, and Tramp & Andersen are joined by Morten Hellborn, who played with Tramp and Andersen in the Rock n Roll Circus and bass grooving is being handled by fellow Dane Jesper Haugaard. Hammond B-3 organ will be another Tramp family member, Morten Buchholz.
Tramp says about the new album, "a full rock album was always just amatter of when and this sees once again a natural progression from Cobblestone Street and Museum", but Tramp hints that this is for sure a pure rock album of classic origin and the word acoustic will not be part of the description of it. Fans of Tramp's debut solo album Capricorn, Recovering the Wasted Years and More To Life than this should rejoice. "This is not a departure, it is a contiuing journey onward."
The Album will called Nomad and out late August, followed by a European tour, September onward.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015



New Deal Covers Recordings and Videos by Fight, Two and Halford 


March 25, 2015 - New York, NY - SONY Music Entertainment and Legacy Recordings, SME's catalog division, have signed a worldwide rights deal to with the Metal God, Rob Halford. Frontman of the legendary heavy metal band Judas Priest, Rob Halford brought his iconic charisma and influential vocal style to a variety of side projects since 1992, notably his bands Fight, 2wo and Halford. The new SONY/Legacy agreement with Rob Halford will include individual album catalog titles and audio-visual releases. Upcoming Rob Halford anthology titles will include an Essential and Playlist collection with plans for a definitive Complete Albums Box. 

ROMEO'S DAUGHTER Unveil 'Spin' Album Cover, Tracklist, Release Date

British AOR/MelodicRock group ROMEO’S DAUGHTER will release their new album, “Spin” on April 20, 2015 via RD Records/Cargo Records.

This is the eagerly awaited 4th studio album from ROMEO’S DAUGHTER. It is slightly darker in its lyrical content than the last 3 but still has the sound that fans of ROMEO’S DAUGHTER have grown to love. The new songs received an incredible reception at HRH 2015. Their stunning lead singer, Leigh Matty, was voted Number 5 Lady Rock Singer of all time in Classic Rock Magazine and their single ‘Bittersweet‘ was in their ‘Top songs of 2012‘ chart.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

REVIEW : SINNERS MOON / Atlantis (2015)

Sinners Moon was founded by guitarist & composer LukeN in 2010. After the addition of singer Martina, LukeN started to work on a few songs, in 2011. Again, there were a few line-up changes and in 2012 they started to rehearse new songs along with some older stuff and they made few shows with line up Andrea - vocals, Derick - growl, Jarthuusen - keyboards, LukeN -guitars, Viktor - Bass & Matej -drums.

REVIEW : PETERIK - SCHERER / Risk Everything (2015)

The founding member of Survivor and Grammy Award-winning songwriter Jim Peterik collaborates with singer Marc Scherer and the result is this new really amazing project! It all started when Scherer began recording the vocals for his band Arc of Ages at the Burr Ridge studios in Chicago. Peterik was so impressed by what he heard, that he chose Marc to demo the tunes he wrote which ended up on the last Pride of Lions album, “Immortal”.

Monday, March 23, 2015

MIRACLE MASTER Announces New Singer

German heavy rockers MIRACLE MASTER have announced the addition of vocalist Ecki Singer (ex-SILVERLANE) to the group’s ranks. The band is working now on their sophomore album, to be released in fall 2015. Live shows with the new singer are booked for the summer.
The band commented: “We are extremely excited to announce and welcome Ecki Singer into the band as vocalist. Ecki has really been a breath of fresh air for us, his voice add more modern dimensions to our sound.”

Sunday, March 22, 2015

REVIEW : Venrez / Children Of The Drones (2015)

Los Angeles based modern heavy rockers Venrez released their debut, 'American Illusion',  in 2013 and gained a very good feedback from fans and press. After the release of the debut, the band toured across the USA and UK/Europe with SLASH, ALICE COOPER, BUCKCHERRY and HARDCORE SUPERSTAR.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

REVIEW : JOE MATERA / Louder Than Words (2015)

Joe Matera is an Australian artist that has already a respectful career over his shoulders. I have really enjoyed all of his solo works so far. In my humble opinion, Joe is an accomplished musician. He knows how to write a sweet and emotional melody but, also, knows how to 'put' a muscle in his music when it's necessary.

Friday, March 20, 2015

REVIEW : KISKE - SOMERVILLE / City of Heroes (2015)

The new chapter of the collaboration between vocalists Michael Kiske (ex-Helloween, Unisonic, Place Vendome) and Amanda Somerville (Trillium, Avantasia) is certainly one thing that every single fan of the melodic hard 'n' heavy scene was looking forward to. The debut album, back in 2010, gained some excellent feedback from the metal press and fans and the two artists are back again to present us the brand new "City Of Heroes".